Drink plenty of warm water for lubrication of throat & to keep your throat in a proper condition.

     It's best to drink lots of liquids contain calories, such as fruit juices, milkshakes, and soups and broths.

     Don’t whisper, Better to speak at a low but clear level if your throat is sore.

     Wash your hands frequently & Rest, eat a healthy diet and de-stress.

     Boost your immune system & Avoid bad oral habits like smoking, consumption of pan, alcohol and other such unhealthy things.

     If someone has Throat & mouth infection, don't use that person's cups, glasses, silverware, toothbrush, or other utensils. And if you have Throat & mouth infection, keep your stuff separate and don't share it with anyone.

     If you are sufferning from throat & mouth infection more than 3 days then consult physician & take instant throat & mouth pain reliever and antibiotics after consent your family doctor.

Tonsillitis Cases

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